Serological Testing for Organization Employees – The Key to the Work Routine

Serological tools are key to organizations that wish to get through the winter with a minimum of self-isolations and optimal operational stability.

According to Ministry of Health guidelines, a positive serological test presents proof of recovery from the Corona virus, thus people with positive serology results are not required to self-isolate, even if they come into close contact with a confirmed patient.

In addition, they are not required to self-isolate upon returning from international travel, even if they visited red countries.

About serological test

A serological test is a blood test intended to detect antibodies for various illnesses, in our case –

the Coronavirus.


The existence of a reasonable level of such antibodies in our our bodies leads to a high level of certainty (99%) that the subject was exposed to the Coronavirus in the past.


Therefore, with a simple blood test, everyone can get a personal status report on their past exposure to the Coronavirus and the level of antibodies developed, even if they were asymptomatic.

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    Positive serology releases from isolation!

    There are ~250,000 confirmed recoveries alongside hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic individuals who coped with the virus and developed antibodies. They can be located through serological testing.

    Thus, hundreds of thousands of workers in the Israeli economy will no longer be required to enter recurrent self-isolations in the upcoming months and they can provide a stable workforce and ensure operational certainty for employers

    Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay

    Director of Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit, Epidemiologist

    Harvard School of Public Health, MPH Epidemiology

    What's in it for you?

    • Maintaining the routine without fearing self-isolation
    • Mitigating anxiety and stress levels derived of the fear of infection
    • Employees with positive serology results generate a sense of security for their friends, since they were sick, they recovered and do not endanger their surroundings.
    • Workers with positive serology develop a positive outlook on the personal level as well.

    It enables organizations to plan a work routine based on information, decision making and educated assessments, such as:

    • Employee placement – People with positive serology results, who do not endanger their surroundings, alongside employees at risk.
    • Which of the employees may meet with the public.
    • Which of the employees can be sent abroad.
    • Moving among the capsules.
    • Establishing a stable workforce (that does not require self-isolation) and preparing it for extreme cases of morbidity within the organization.

    Professional Consulting for Organizational Medical Conduct

    In addition, we offer organizational consulting for coping with the Coronavirus while managing the work routine, led by Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay, Director of Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit, Epidemiologist, Harvard University graduate.

    Consulting will cover several issues, such as:

    Procedures, regulations and guidelines for the working environment under Corona

    Risk management

    Managing a safe working routine - Capsule division, hybrid work, etc.

    Preparing for the winter flus

    How does it work?

    We offer serological tests for organization employees in the most convenient and worthwhile manner

    We come to you!

    No need to send the employees to us

    Just 5 minutes

    A short 5-minute test for each employee

    Testing at Sheba

    The results are sent to the main laboratory at the Sheba Medical Center

    Results within 48 hours

    The results are sent to the organization referent within 48 hours

    Epidemiological consult

    Epidemiological consulting with Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay

    All results are subject to absolute confidentiality and they are retained at the Sheba Medical Center

    About us

    A collaboration between the Sheba Medical Center and Target Market company

    The Sheba Medical Center, leading the war against and research on the Coronavirus, along with the Director of Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit, Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay.

    Target Market, Israel’s leader in managing projects and logistical arrays.

    Together, we offer a solution – first of its kind in Israel – serological testing at the organization, accompanied by professional advice on organizational medical conduct

    Managed information means power to the organization and peace of mind for the employee

    Leave your details with us in order to schedule tests

    Call us at *2634 or leave a message using the contact form


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